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Initiative to Develop a Transition

Develop a better world... improving yourself and your own environment


IDETRA (Initiative to Develop a Transition) is a volunteer cooperative effort between generalists and specialists in various areas of knowledge to:

IDETRA in detail


Phase 0 (2015 / 2017) IDETRA Design | Digital Platform 1.0 | IDETRA Syllabus
Phase 1 (2017 / 2020) PTY House (5 projects) | 3 Base Courses | Digital Platform 2.0
Phase 2 (2020 / --?--) Main EDU Courses | Blueprints
Phase 3 (--?-- / --?--) Main Projects
Phase 4 (--?-- / --?--) Cutting Edge Projects
... ... ...



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Guilherme Viotti
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Bachelor in Business Administration. Project Manager. Worked in the music industry as director of new strategies and digital media. Taught marketing and basic computing through social initiatives in Rio de Janeiro. After entrepreneurship initiatives in several markets, currently is a Point of Contact in the Venus Project Support - Brazil, one of the project managers for TVP’s CfRM, consults and manages projects for companies in Brazil and abroad and is the founder and executive force of IDETRA

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Hyuri Constâncio
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Filmmaker, Musician, Generalist & Problem Solver.

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Roberto Simonovich
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I want to improve the living conditions for humans, at least in a small way. To that end, I'm trying to improve myself and help others improve themselves, mainly in the areas of critical thinking and interpersonal connections.

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Dhemetryus Oliveira
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Designer, Marketing Manager and athlete in the free time.

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Tabata Bublitz
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Bachelor in Business Administration, Intern at the Department of Terrestrial Ecology of the University of Cologne, currently in the third year of a Master's in Sustainable Resource Management at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. Aspiring to be a soil scientist and environmentalist.

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Elizabeth Reizinger
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Architect and Urbanist. Develops the GDR (Resource Management and Distribution) and have been working in the executive project area since 2009. Has experience in Permaculture (Involved in permaculture scholl for 3 years now) and has since become a social entrepreneur. Enthusiast of Resource-Based Economics, sees IDETRA as an essential tool for a conscious, peaceful, and abundant civilization.

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Brigitte Kayser-Scherman
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I am Earth Custodians Admin and make videos advocating for a system change. A competition-free society based on natural resources and the laws of Nature.

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Adriano Margarin
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Entrepreneur and lecturer, Adriano Margarin shares his experiences in order to contribute to the transformation of free software communities, ideas and market updates in the technology scenario. Graduated in information systems, he is a WEB developer and acts as a consultant in the sector. The focus is on performance improvements, runtime, expertise and knowledge in software development and applications.

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Dita Chaloupkova
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MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice. Vast experience as a clinician and a specialist practitioner across many fields, including Neurosurgical Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine and General Surgery. University lecturer and researcher. Passionate about the application of scientific method and Resource Base Economy (RBE). Keen supporter of IDETRA as the best available transition tool and a path towards RBE, global sustainability and abundance.

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Jorge Roberto Carneiro Carneiro
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Telecommunications Manager, CREA-RJ, CRA-RJ; Project Management Specialist; Specialist in Telecommunications Network and Systems Engineering; Currently Mastering in Telecommunications, focusing on Governance and Operation Models for Smart Places Networks for current and future technologies, professionally today, Telecommunications Consultant and innovation areas, dedicating the study and research of DAO, REDE and Hacking education, technology and the market, deepening these studies.

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We are waiting YOU on our team to help improve and expand IDETRA!

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Yes, but TVP does not support IDETRA in anyway. This was the agreement between both projects in 2015, so as not to cause problems of communication with the public and also so individuals who act on both initiatives do not cause interference in the progress of the work performed by each organization.

IDETRA was founded by one of the POCs (point of contact) of The Venus Project in Brazil, but the connection between the two entities ends there. TVP (The Venus Project) does not directly support external initiatives that could lead to a Resource Based Economy (RBE), something that is completely understandable and justifiable considering not only past experiences of TVP in providing this type of support which have resulted in distortions of RBE concepts and serious problems (including legal ones) for TVP. In summary, both projects pursue very similar objectives but in different ways and need to act independently of one another.

There is a deep alignment on the ultimate goal between the two organizations, as well as mutual support from participants in both initiatives. Although structurally different strategies exist, we support the Zeitgeist as a movement for information dissemination and recognize the successful efforts of its founder, Peter Joseph, his team and all the teams of volunteers scattered around the globe.

It is a terminology derived from the EBR (Resource Based Economy) concept used by the Venus Project. Fundamentally they mean the same thing, but the term was coined to help in better separation of communication artifacts between the two entities, normally required by the Venus Project for similar projects

We expect them to inform themselves with proper knowledge first, knowing more about Non-Violent Communication, Applied Psychology, Biology, Critical Thinking, Scientific Method, and other tools that we arranged as 'courses' in this platform and consider fundamental for each human being to know more about. After that, we expect them to use provided blueprints to enhance the way they live and help spread the word but without trying to convince anyone about what they should learn or do. People should arrive here willingly and use our platform as support for what they are trying to achieve in their lives. We believe that exponential growth of such processes will eventually create an SBA (Systema Based on Abundance) where values are aligned, automation is the default mechanism for resource management and production, decisions are arrived at, aberrant behavior is properly dealt with and money no longer plays the role of intermediary between what we want, what we need and how we get it